Holidays 2016

All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center after Nov 26, they are happy to ship and can be contacted at,

Shipping is $8.00 per package, unless actual shipping is less, then please pay the lesser amount.

1. Elf Holding dog, this piece is about 9" tall. They stand on a wooden base decorated with vintage style mica. They are decorated with metallic gold tinsel. SOLD OUT

2. Snowman with Dots and Dog. This piece stands about 9" tall. He has a cream outfit with red colored polka dots, a tri tipped hat with red pom poms. He is holding a small dog toy. The snowman has a chenille neck ruffle, arm and leg bands. His wooden base is decorated with antique looking mica. SOLD OUT

3. Snowman with Birds. This piece is about 10 1/2" tall. He is dressed in a suit with a red bird print, and a contrasting fabric collar. He has a nest on his head with two red birds and is holding a wooden bird house. SOLD OUT

4. Snowman with Snowflakes. She stands about 15" tall. Her felt dress is decorated with embroidery, applique, and sequins. She has a net underskirt and is holding a small snowman ornament. SOLD OUT

5. Angel holding Cats. This piece stands about 11". She is wearing a polka dot dress with contrasting striped bloomers. In her dress she is holding two black cats. She has a tinsel halo and metallic gold wings. SOLD OUT

6. Angel with Elves. She is about 9 1/2" high. She is sculpted from paper clay and is holding an elf while another is perched in her gold metallic halo. She has gold tinsel wings and red metallic shoes. $40

7. Red Angel. She stands about 12" tall. She stands on a square wooden base, her body, legs and arms are wood, and her head is sculpted of paper clay. She is wearing a felt dress that has been embroidered, crocheted and decorated with sequins and pearls. She has red shoes and is holding a tiny tree in a glass dome. SOLD OUT

8. Santa with Elves. This piece stands about 10" tall. Santa is holding a metallic tinsel wreath while two elves peak out from below. His base is finished with a vintage style mica. SOLD OUT

9. Santa with Reindeer. This piece is about 9 1/2" tall. Reindeer has miniature ornaments on his wire antlers, base is decorated with vintage style mica. SOLD OUT

10. Nautical Santa. This one is about 10" tall. He stands on a wood base painted like the sea. His coat is yellow, shirt red and white stripes with navy pants. He holds a tree with a starfish topper, and in the other hand, two fish, an anchor and a live saving ring. His body is made from a piece of driftwood. SOLD OUT

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