Holidays 2017

All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
Shipping is $10.00 per package, unless actual shipping is less, then please pay the lesser amount.

1. Snowman holding Angel, this piece is about 8" tall. They stand on a wooden base decorated with vintage style mica. They are decorated with metallic gold tinsel, navy and gold glitter and a gold bell. $45-SOLD OUT

2. Santa with Berry Wreath. This piece stands about 9" tall. His body, base and arms are wood. His arms are hinged and his base is covered with vintage style mica. $50-SOLD OUT

3. Driftwood Santa. This piece is about 11" tall. His body is made from a piece of driftwood. He holds an elf sitting on a snowman bucket, antique style mica on base. $50-SOLD OUT

4. Santa with Bear. He stands about 10" tall. He has a red coat, blue pants and a two pointed blue hat with metallic gold bells. $55-SOLD OUT

5. Santa Holding Cat in Stocking. This piece stands about 9" tall. He is sporting a bluye coat with white trim and buttons. He is holding a gray tabby in a striped stocking. $55-SOLD OUT

6. Santa with Elves. he is about 9 1/2" high. He has a wood body, arms and base. He has hinged arms and is holding a burlap bag of elves, decorated with stars and gold glitter. $60-SOLD OUT

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