Holidays 2018

All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
Shipping is $10.00 per package, unless actual shipping is less, then please pay the lesser amount.

1. Snowman on Snowball, this piece is about 8" tall. Snowman sitting on a snowball, his jacket is dark navy at the bottom fading to a ligher blue at the top, the same with his curled hat. His hat is decorated with a string pompom with navy glitter on the ends. His buttons are navy sequins with silver beads. The wood base and snowball are covered in sparkling glitter. $45 SOLD OUT

2. Snowman with Monkey on Leg. This piece stands about 9 1/2" tall to the top of the beads on hat. This high kicking guy has a monkey hanging on his leg, he has a polka dot suit trimmed in chenille. His hat has wires and beads. The wooden base is decorated with blue dots and shiny glitter. $45 SOLD OUT

3. Handstand Snowman. This piece is about 8 1/2" tall. Snowman with red hat decorated in glittery silver dots and glitter silver bells. He has an elf sitting on the soles of each of his red boots. His body and wood base are covered in clear glitter. $45 SOLD OUT

4. Joy Angel. She stands about 9 1/2" tall. She holds a banner that spells out JOY, has metallic red shoes, a silver tinsel halo, red dress with polka dots and cut felt wings. $45 SOLD OUT

5. Santa Holding Bear. This piece stands about 8" tall. He is sporting a red coat, blue pants, gold dotted shirt and striped socks. He is holding a teddy bear with a metallic gold ribbon. $50 SOLD OUT

6. Santa with Babe. He is about 8" high. He has a wood body, arms and base. He is holding a smiling babe with a gold halo. His coat is green, wooden base is glittered with a vintage style mica, and his hat has a chenille pom pom. $50 SOLD OUT

7. Santa with Angel. This piece stands about 10 1/2" tall. He stands on a wood base painted in red and green. His coat is cream with a metallic gold wash, metallic gold stars and dots. His hat is trimmed with an evergreen garland. He is holding a wood angel with a metallic gold dress. $60. SOLD OUT

8. Santa Holding Soldier. This piece stands about 10" tall. He has blue pants with metallic gold buttons A metallic gold shirt, and gold tinsel cuffs. He is holding a jointed red soldier doll also trimmed in the metallic gold tinsel. The wood base is covered in a vintage style mica. $60 SOLD OUT

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